Institute of Automation, Electronics and Computer Control Systems
Department of Automation and Information Measuring Devices

The department provides training in the field:

151 – “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”:

Provides teaching of the educational program “Automation and computer-integrated technologies” with the specialization “Intelligent control and data processing systems”


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126 – “Information systems and technologies”

Provides teaching of the NEW for VNTU educational program “Intelligent Information Systems”


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– Modern technical means of personal computers;
– The most common programming languages ​​and application software systems;
– Means of automation of design and programming;
– Local microprocessor control and automation systems;
– Mathematical methods of modeling and control;
– Methods of processing and transmission of information;
– Principles of building intelligent computer systems;
– New information technologies;
– Telecommunication and computer systems and networks;
– The principles of building systems and decision-making in conditions of uncertainty, namely, when carrying out operations in the world financial markets.

The Bachelor’s degree program is fully coordinated with the leaders of the IT industry in Ukraine – the generalized object of future specialists’ activity are information processing by algorithmic methods using computer technology. Therefore, the passage of production practices and subsequent employment at leading IT enterprises in Vinnitsa for all students successfully perform the educational program GUARANTEED.