AIVT prepares specialists in 151 – “Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies” of the educational program “Intelligent control and data processing systems”
The department trains specialists (Bachelors, Masters and PhD) – Systems Engineering in development, exploration and operation of computer systems and technologies.
Specialty includes: the most common programming languages ​​and technologies, operating systems and application software; automation design and programming; computer integrated manufacturing technology and management of complex systems; mathematical modeling and computer calculations; WEB modern technology; new means of information processing and intelligent technology; telecommunications and computer systems and networks; construction principles of decision-making on global financial markets.
The department is headed by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Science, Professor Roman Kvyetnyy Naumovych. The department has 19 professors – academicians, professors, associate professors, doctors and candidates of sciences.
Specialty is the most versatile in the labor market is that covering a large range of applications of computer systems. Students of the department work and continuing education in the US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and others. at leading universities and world-known companies: Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs, Sky It Group, SmartExe, ARNO GROUP, ECI Telecom, Texas Instruments, Siemens. There is a constant demand for such professionals in leading companies of Ukraine and the Vinnytsia Viniteraktyv, Delphi, Pleytika, Corporate Business, Epam and others.