AIVT prepares specialists in 126 – “Information systems and technologies” and to teach new to NTB educational program “Intelligent Information Systems”.


Perennial bachelors and masters at the Department AIVT based on the balance of 3 components – software, hardware and system. The quality of this basic training for IT-specialists AIVT allow graduates to take leading positions in the Vinnytsia companies. But now the actual needs of IT business requirements dictate where the emphasis has shifted to software and a system preparing high. Therefore AIVT provides new educational program “Intelligent Information Systems” for an elite group and guarantee employment of all graduates!
Specialty products covers the creation and use of information technologies and systems in different fields of human activity; Principles of optimization models and methods of decision making under conditions of uncertainty; patterns of development of computer and communications systems; theoretical and practical framework for designing and implementing intelligent technologies; creation of new systems of accumulation, processing, storage and computer information systems; automation of business processes and other complex objects and more.
Scientific schools AIVT with extensive experience in preparing candidates and doctors offer graduates continued studying educational level Master and PhD in multimedia information processing, designing and maintaining complex software systems, data mining, computational linguistics.
Practical training and subsequent employment in leading IT companies c. Vinnitsa to all students who successfully perform an educational program guaranteed. Specifically, firms Win Interactive, Delphi, Playtika, Common Cause, etc., that are headed and which mostly are students AIVT, already established and put into effect programs of early involvement of students in a real practical projects, which just turns need thorough software and system training.