The department provides training on "Systems Engineering"
Specialty "Computer systems and automation"

Vinnytsia National Technical University
Institute of Automation, Electronics and Computer Control Systems
Department of Automation and Information Measuring Devices

  The department trains specialists in specialty 151- “Automation and computer-integrated technologies”: specialization: “Intelligent control and data processing systems”, as well as specialty 126 – ” Information Systems and Technologies “and provides the teaching of the NEW for VNTU specialty” Intelligent Information Systems”.
  Specialty includes: modern means of personal computers; the most common language programming and application software systems; automation design and programming, the local microprocessor control systems and automation; Mathematical modeling and management; methods of processing and transmission; principles of intelligent computer systems; new information technologies; telecommunications and computer systems and networks; principles of systems and decision making under uncertainty, namely in making transactions in the global financial markets.
    AIVT – one of the oldest special producing departments of the University. For 40 years of existence the department prepared more than 50 candidates and doctors of sciences, 1,500 engineers, published more than 700 scientific publications and inventions, more than 50 books, monographs and textbooks. The department is headed by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Excellence in Education of Ukraine, doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, the Academy of Metrology Ukraine, the Russian Academy of Telecommunications and Information, a leading expert of the World Society of Engineers of Electronics and Electrical (Senior Member IEEE) Kvyetnyy Roman Naumovych. The department has 18 professors – academicians, professors, associate professors, doctors and candidates of sciences.

Graduates are:

  • in research and design organizations, medical, commercial and banking institutions, industrial production related to the use and development of systems and devices, automation and control;
  • organizations on development and introduction of modern computer hardware and software;
  • in banking and financial institutions for investment and asset management in global financial markets.

  Specialty is considered the most versatile in the labor market precisely because it covers a very large range of applications of computer systems. The department has extensive international links. Its students work and continue their education in the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel and others. in leading universities and world famous firms Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Sky It Group, SmartExe, OFX Technologies, ECI Telecom, Texas Instruments. There is a constant demand for such specialists and leading companies in Ukraine and Vinnitsa region.

       Do not hesitate, join our specialty and you will get every opportunity to study (at public expense!), Mastering most popular profession, doing science and defense of dissertations and continue their studies and work in leading companies (including overseas!)!

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